Bowie's roots run deep, back to the 1700s in some cases. It really took off thanks to the railroad, and since the nineteenth century it's steadily grown into one of the largest cities in Maryland. But along with that growth, the area has maintained its sense of history and culture. Locations like historic Belair or the Bowie Railroad Buildings help remind those who live here of just how far back the city's history runs. Those locations are still in good shape thanks to regular maintenance and TLC, which is something your vehicle needs as well if it's to last any length of time.

While basic maintenance is generally pretty easy for anyone to understand, there are other steps or repairs that really need to be placed in the hands of those who are more experienced than you. Anyone can add a little oil to their car, but timing belts or water pumps are both good examples of vehicle issues that need to be looked at by a professional. Timing belts essentially control the timing of the valves within your engine. Failure to replace them or keep them adjusted properly can cause major engine failure. Each vehicle will have its own recommended mileage for a timing belt inspection.

Water pumps are central to the cooling and operation of your car. Basically, the pump sends the coolant through your vehicle's engine to keep it running at a temperature cool enough to run safely. In most cases the pump will have to be replaced by the time your vehicle hits the 100,000 mile mark, although it could last much longer. Regular maintenance of your vehicle's coolant system is the easiest way to ensure that your pump keeps working. Let the professionals perform regular checks and maintenance on your vehicle, and you should be able to keep all of your engine parts running properly







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